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This medical gown with CE certificate is widely used in Indonesia, Pakistan and China to fight Covid-19. 

Medical safety isolation gown CE Singapore supplier,exporter

This protective gown is designed to be maximum protection and comfortable to the wears with adhesive and elastic applied.

Being the disposable medical gown and isolation gown Singapore wholesaler, distributor and supplier for international market, we put the protective efficiency,safety and quality at top priority and above everything because it might cost life if anything goes wrong.The responsibility is our promise.

Group company holding factories provides disposable medical gown for front line and isolation gown for supporting and protection usage while fighting Covid-19.  With CE certificate and in the USA EUA list and China White-list for export green-light,we have been being the solid supporter behind many heroic medical teams around the world, securing wearer's health and saving the patients' life. 


Provides barrier and protection to medical personals when they contact with blood, body fluid and secretion of potentially infectious patients in close contact.
Typical applications may include exposure to bodily fluids,  non-infectious blood and secretion of potentially infectious patients, pharmaceutical and general clean-up or isolation purpose.

Product information

-Approved:  EN14126,  ASTM F1671-97A,  GB19082-2009 test method 

-Sterilization: Non-Sterile & Sterile two kinds (upon requirement) 
-Zipper: Nylon on Polyester Braid

-Material depends on the level (AAMI 1, 2,3) and types for non sterile, sterile, or isolation gown.
-Seams: Polypropylene, 

-Size: 160(XS)/165(S)/170(M)/175(L)/180(XL)/185(XXL) 


- Individual packaging bag and 20 suits/carton,

- Carton size: 60 x 40 x 26 cm; G.W:4.66-5.46 kg

Specifications might varied with materials and requirement, please contact us for update.

As the HQ's overseas coordination  and marketing branch positioned in Singapore,we provide first hand information and order service to international clients with best competitively price for our medical gown,isolation gown distributor or local wholesaler to serve their clients and supporting public health.

Please contact us for more details or order directly.

Price: USD 19/pcs (Protective gown)

           USD10.6/pcs (Isolation gown)

( Minimum: 50K / protective or 10K/ KN95 pcs  )

( Price valid for Covid-19 pandemic period only)