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KN95 mask with CE from KN95 (N95) mask exporter,mufacturer,supplier

This KN95 mask is made in cleanroom by full automation without human interfering to ensure the security and sanitary. 

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This surgical mask is made in cleanroom by full automation without human interfering to ensure the security and sanitary. Picture for reference only as protective mask,medical might have similar appearance.

Being the surgical mask, protective mask and KN95 mask Singapore supplier, wholesaler and distributor for international market, we put the quality and protective efficiency as first priority and above everything because it might cost life which it is priceless.

Group company holding factories provides surgical mask, disposable protective mask, medical mask and KN95 mask. All types mask are made in 100K-glade clean-room with CE certificate and some with FDA certificates. The filter / middles layers are real KN95 or even 99 melt-blown non-woven fabric direct from stated-owned professional factories to ensure the quality and PFE,BFE for specified usage.


Model: Sterile (some surgical mask) & Non-Sterile

   Outer layer - Fluid resistant blue nonwoven fabric ,

   Middle filter layer - Melt-blown filtering nonwoven fabric  (2 filter layer for KN95)

   Inner layer –Breathable, non-irritating ,soft skin friendly nonwoven fabric.

Size: 175mm x 95mm (other than KN95 mask)


    1. Medical protective mask:

        Standard: GB19083-2010, EN149:2001,FFp2,


    2. Protective mask:

        Standard: GB/T32610-2016, PFE=>99%(I)-90%(III)

        For daily public protection. 

    3. Surgical mask:

        Standard: YY0469-2011, PFE=>30%, BFE=>95%

        For surgical usage.   

    4. Disposable medical mask:

        Standard: YY/T0969-2013. CE, EN14683, BFE=>95%,

        For medical usage

    5. KN95 protective mask /medical mask:

        Standard: EN149:2001 or GB19083-2010 or GB2626-2006

        For both medical and public protective with different standard and requirement.

Different standard comes for EU, USA and others with some overlapped. 

As the HQ's overseas marketing and coordination branch,we provide first hand information and order service to international clients with best wholesaler quotation for our surgical mask, protective mask, medical mask and KN95 mask (equivalent to N95 mask).

Please contact us for more details or order directly.

Price: USD$0.25(protective)--1.71(KN95)/pcs

( Minimum: 50K / protective or 10K/ KN95 pcs  )

( Price valid for Covid-19 pandemic period only)