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Mask wearing a must in future for hawkers and food handlers

On April 13, the Singapore Food Agency made it mandatory for workers preparing food and drinks to wear masks or face shields


Food and beverage operators who do not comply face a $5,000 fine and risk having their licences revoked...


             APR 25,2020

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                       The major  Singapore  transparent  sanitary  mask,

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We are the Singapore branch of  China Francee Group, acting as the international marketing office for HQ's protective mask, gown and goggles and being the prominent supplier, wholesaler, and distributor for transparent sanitary mask,hygiene mask and face shield to food and beverage industries to meet the Food Agency's rule for mask and face shield wearing during work.

With modern facilities and huge daily output, we have been supplying great number of sanity mask, face shield, protective mask, KN95 medical mask, isolation gown, protective medical gown and goggles worldwide during the pandemic period.

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